Friday, March 19, 2010


Lessons are ½ hour each at $10 a lesson. Payment is due at the begining of the month for the number of lessons that month. I will give you an invoice for the following month on the last lesson of the month.

You can opt to reserve 2- ½ hour lessons per week, as openings permit. Why would you want 2 lessons a week? When I was taking lessons I had 2 – ½ hr. lessons a week (a few days apart) and if I went to one lesson, say on Monday, and I went home and started practicing and I came across a problem or a question I didn’t have to wait until the following Monday to ask it. I knew on Thursday I would be back in a lesson and could ask it then. Come the following Monday the problem was addresses and we could move on. This sped up my progression considerably.

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