Friday, March 19, 2010

Main Components to My Lessons

Voice- You will learn proper posture, breathing, mouth “shape”, diction, and musicality so you may produce the most pleasant vocal sounds and have an overall pleasing performance. NO voice, no matter how naturally good, reaches its full potential without the proper use of these techniques. On the other hand, applying these techniques to a voice that may be considered “mediocre” by others will do WONDERS for it.

Theory- During your first lesson your theory skills will be evaluated in order to determine your theory level. You do not need to know any music theory in order to begin lessons. We can start at the beginner level or at whatever level you are at. If you are already fluent in music theory then less time will be focused on this. Written music is the singer’s “map”. Just as you cannot get to a new destination without being able to read and understand a map or at least basic directions, a singer cannot reach their full potential without being able to read and understand their “map”. Also, when I started as a music major I was surprised at how much music theory I was expected to already know. If you are a student who plans to pursue music in higher education, it will be beneficial to learn basic music theory before you begin.

Sight Singing- Sight Singing is a benefit to the singer because they learn to be able to look at a piece of music and read it. You will be able to recognize incorrect pitches. Not only will learning to sight read music help you become a better musician overall, you can learn the song quicker, allowing more time to be spent on actual technique and other areas. Chances are you are not taking voice lessons just for the opportunity to learn a song.

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