Friday, March 19, 2010

Studio Policies

*Attendance Policy: Students are expected to be on time to all lessons. Lesson time is lost when a student is late and therefore it slows the student’s progress. Your lesson time is over at the designated time every week. If you are late your lesson time cannot be extended since there will be another student’s lesson immediately following. If tardiness becomes a persistent problem you may be dropped from lessons altogether. If there are extenuating circumstances (such as illness) that prevent you from coming to a lesson, you must call 4 hours before your lesson is scheduled to start to let me know you will not be coming. At that time I will make every effort to try and reschedule your lesson. If I am unable to reschedule the lesson for that week then you, of course, will not be charged for the missed lesson. If you have to reschedule more than 4 lessons you may be dropped from lessons altogether. It depends on the circumstances and is solely up to the teacher’s discretion. If a lesson is missed and you give no notification then you WILL be charged for the lesson and it will NOT be rescheduled. After the 3rd un-notified absence you may be dropped from lessons altogether.

*Music: Students are required to purchase their own music and bring it to EVERY lesson. Students will also be required to have a notebook of some kind where they will keep a record of what we went over in the lesson along with things they need to practice on their own during the week. I will also keep the same record.

*Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!! This cannot be stressed enough. It is not enough to simply know the things you should be doing with your muscles when you sing but you must practice them so your muscles become stronger and it becomes easier to get your muscles to do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it. You yourself will become adapted to how it feels when you sing properly and not only will it become easier but it will become habit.

*Recital/Concert: I try to treat my recitals more like concerts. I want the students to have a concert experience by showing who they are rather than just having a recital of what song they’ve learned. Every student is required to participate in the concert. Concerts will be held once a year, most likely at the end of the school year. The location may differ from concert to concert. Attire for the concert is up to the student, but VERY NICE concert attire is suggested. At the least the student should wear Sunday best. The attire is another way for the student to show who they are. Close to concert time, suggestions will be made as to what to wear. Students will also need to acquire an accompanist for their recital. They can have Mom, Grandma, Aunt, whomever, but their accompanist will need to know the music well. If you do not have an accompanist I will have one that you will be able to hire for a couple of rehearsals and the concert. It will be your choice as to get an accompanist on your own or hire the one supplied.

And, last but not least-

*HARD WORK: I expect complete attention during lessons so YOU can get the most bang for your buck! Regular attendance and persistent practice may seem hard but it will be worth the pay off in the end!

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